• Himapan Singapore

    Discover our Lotus leaf painting as an exclusive private workshop and as a ready-to-hang artworks

  • Allow some time for yourself to come and relax in a convivial and creative atmosphere. Besides experiencing the joy and satisfaction of creating your own painting, the workshop will help you access your own intuition and gain clarity and insights about yourself.
    There is a powerful awakening that happens when you (re)discover your creativity. You simply need to take the first step to begin your journey.
    'I believe creativity has the power to awaken, empower, heal, and transform, and I know deep down in my bones that creative expression is an crucial part of holistic well-being.
    You have everything you need right now to reignite your creative fire, and it's my great honor to serve as an encouraging guide back to this place of freedom, intuition, courage and trust.'
    - France Gaggioli
  • Workshops

    Relaxation • Creativity

    We've always loved the concept of creating a space where people can go to hang out, unwind and paint.
    Reconnect to your inner self by diving into an exquisite and unique meditative journey creating a piece of art for your home or as a present discovering your hidden artist.
    You will work with the natural surface and stains of the delicate dried lotus leaves and express your creativity with your choice of acrylic colours.
  • Lotus Leaf Art

    Ready-to-Hang Artworks

    You like the Lotus leaves paintings but you don't want to participate in a workshop.
    Then you will like the artworks that we have made for you. We also realize works to order, personalize with the colors of your choice.
    It is worth taking a look at our shop. See for yourself.
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