Mystic Whispers
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Mystic Whispers

Mystic Whispers, 2024
Elemental Series
Acrylic on canvas
91 x 91 cm • 36 x 36 in

The upper part for the sky in each painting is depicted with a flat, enhancing the smooth graduation of colours to emphasize the tranquil or stormy atmospheres. The lower part for the sea or earth is textured with visual elements like 'maps' and 'cracks/river'.
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My Elemental series explores the profound connection between the earth and sky, expressed in a semi-abstract style.
Each painting is divided into two sections. The upper portion captures the ethereal sky using smooth graduation, where clouds and lightning bring a dynamic atmosphere. The lower portion, rendered with textured techniques, mirrors the earth's surface, appearing as either the tumultuous sea or the rugged terrain. This area is intricately detailed with elements resembling maps and river lines, subtly incorporating natural patterns such as roots and cracks.
These features invite viewers to contemplate the underlying unity of natural landscapes, suggesting a deeper, interconnected world.

NB - Paintings shown to scale for accurate representation.

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