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    France Gaggioli is a captivating French contemporary abstract artist, whose diverse cultural roots - Italian and German - infuse her art with a rich tapestry of influences. Having called Singapore home for over 15 years, she has seamlessly blended her European heritage with the vibrancy of Southeast Asia.


    With a background in Design and certification in Art Therapy, France's artistic journey is marked by a deep passion for creative expression. Her artistic creations are a striking fusion of inspiration from the bucolic landscapes of France, with its idyllic rolling hills and lush vineyards, and her love for contemporary and interior design.


    France's works are a testament to her affinity for vivid, bold colors that burst forth in a symphony of hues. At the same time, she finds serenity in crafting neutral pieces, employing a calming palette that offers viewers a sense of tranquility and balance.


    Currently, France is fully engrossed in her latest series and a slew of commissioned projects, all originating from her eclectic studio in the heart of Singapore. Her art can be explored and admired through her Instagram profile, where she shares her vibrant, soul-stirring creations. Follow her journey and immerse yourself in the world of France Gaggioli.




    School of Fine Arts, Académie des Amateurs, Rouen, France

    Apprentice with established French Artist, Edwige Mitterrand-Delahaye, France

    Apprentice with established Australia Artist, Astrid Dahl, Singapore



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    2023 'Voice of Art II' by Be One Gallery, Group Exhibition, ION Art Gallery, Singapore

    2022 FIND Design Fair, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore

    2021 'Somewhere in between' Solo Exhibition, Mercedes-Benz Showroom, Singapore

    2021 'To infinity and beyond' Solo Exhibition, Mercedes-Benz Showroom, Singapore



    'Tropical Storm' sold at Hotlotz – donated to the Singapore Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Response on 22-27 March 2022.



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