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    France Gaggioli, a French contemporary abstract artist with Italian and German roots, skillfully weaves her multicultural background with her love for the dynamism of Southeast Asia. Based in Singapore for over 16 years, her work is a vibrant blend of European charm and Asian zest, rooted in a deep-seated passion for creative exploration. With a background in Design and Art Therapy, France's art is a homage to the serene landscapes of France and her keen interest in contemporary and interior design.


    Her latest series, "Elemental," is a profound ode to the planet, exploring the essential forces of nature—water, air, earth, and space. Through this series, she aims to highlight the beauty and majesty of our world, fostering a sense of connection and responsibility towards Earth. France's work, characterized by bold, striking colors as well as tranquil, neutral tones, reflects the complexity and balance of the natural world. Her art, which spans both vibrant expressions and serene meditations, invites viewers into a contemplative dialogue with nature, emphasizing the urgency of environmental stewardship. Engage with France Gaggioli's art to journey through a captivating visual exploration of our planet's elemental forces.


    School of Fine Arts, Académie des Amateurs, Rouen, France

    Apprenticed with the established French artist, Edwige Mitterrand-Delahaye in France

    Apprenticed with the established Australian artist, Astrid Dahl in Singapore



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    2024 Solo Exhibition at World Art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre, United Arab Emirates

    2023 Group Exhibition, Voice of Art by Be One Gallery, ION Art Gallery, Singapore

    2022 Solo Exhibition at FIND Design Fair, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore

    2021 Solo Exhibition, Somewhere in between, Mercedes-Benz Showroom, Singapore

    2021 Solo Exhibition, To infinity and beyond, Mercedes-Benz Showroom, Singapore



    'Tropical Storm' sold at Hotlotz – donated to the Singapore Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Response on 22-27 March 2022.


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    « Find our own Design - Art and Abode: Custom-made art for home », The Strait Times - Life, Singapore Press Holdings Limited, 24 Sep 2022, page C3

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