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    France Gaggioli is a French contemporary abstract artist with Italian and German heritage, who has made Singapore her home for over 15 years. Trained in Design and certified in Art Therapy, she now passionately pursues her colourful artistic projects.


    France draws inspiration from the lush countryside of France, with its rolling hills and vineyards. Additionally, her love for contemporary design and interior design influences her artistic style.


    Her works often showcase vibrant colours, reflecting her affinity for bold hues. However, she also finds joy in creating neutral pieces with a calming palette.


    France exhibits her work and some are now with private collectors in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, France, Spain, the UK, and Australia.


    She is currently working on her latest series and commissions from her studio in Singapore.

    Group Exhibitions

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    Solo Exhibitions

    2021 To Infinity and Beyond, Mercedes-Benz Showroom, Singapore

    2021 Somewhere in Between, Mercedes-Benz Showroom, Singapore


    Other Exhibition

    2022 FIND Design Fair, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore

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