• ArtCommission

    Styling your private or professional interior with unique paintings and bespoke art.

    Finding balance I & II • Original artworks

    Private Residential

    Commissioned residential art is an ideal solution for homeowners seeking unique ways to amplify the impact of their interior design strategies.

    Drifting ice • Original artwork


    Corporate art services offer a highly effective tool for businesses looking for creative ways to externalize and express their branding initiatives. Custom art improves recruiting and employee retention efforts while communicating key values to prospective clients and partners.

    Ocean winds • Original artwork

    Hospitality Businesses

    Artwork makes shared and private hospitality spaces more appealing and intimate, creating a superior guest experience and encouraging repeat business.

    Orizzonte III • Original artwork

    Retail Businesses

    The visible presence of artwork lends retail businesses an undeniable air of sophistication, putting customers at ease and driving higher conversion rates. It is especially effective in settings such as car dealerships, where clients commit to major purchases.

  • Pazienza • France Gaggioli





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